I am Roberto Mannini, class 1976. I take my first steps in photography since I was 8 years old, having fun developing photos in the darkroom with my uncle photographer. Thus I began to learn, under strict observation, all the technical and compositional aspects of Photography. After working for 10 years in the world of high fashion I understand that the photographic field that belongs to me is that of fashion photography, glamour and nude art.

My photographic journey begins by focusing on the study of the great masters who have written the story, the new professionals who have made a style and especially the technique and the rules that are used to make better and better shots.

The path is long, made of many sacrifices and above all a lot of study before making Click. Masters of the industry have taken me under their wing teaching me all the basics of Photography.

Today I am a Master, I build and teach photographic workshoops and through the One to One school I pass on all my knowledge to my students who want to know this world in depth. My specialization is the NUDE ART NATURE, a photographic style that was born to combine and enhance the majesty of nature with the elegance and statuesque being of the human figure, a combination where one embellishes the other.

International Exhibitions:

April 2022 Art Fair at Carrousel du Louvre
June 2022 Art Nordic Copenhagen
October 2022 EuropArt Amsterdam


International Competitions:

Winner ND Photography Awards 2022 Fine Art Nude category

International award winner Latina Mater 2023 professional category
Honorary Mention international IPA 2023 competition
Bronze Medal BIFA International Competition 2023 ( Budapest international photo awards )
Gold Medal TIFA international competition 2023 ( Tokyo international photo awards )


For the rest of my story it will be my photographs that will talk about me.


What photography is for me

Life is made up of moments, moments that are unlikely to be repeated in the usual way. Animals, people with their expressions and everything that nature offers us, arouse momentary emotions in us. My research is to ensure that these feelings remain vivid in time and can thus be experienced by all through my images. Only in this way can I say I am a photographer. When I pick up the camera, what I feel inside is a very special sensation that is difficult to explain. I become a director, a narrator, I study the lights, the situation and the atmosphere that is created, and then I convert everything into images. At the base of each of my services there is respect. Respect nature and she will give you what you need, respect people and you will create that involvement and complicity that will make the photograph come alive.

As Helmut Newton said: "The desire to discover, the desire to excite, the taste to capture, are the three concepts that sum up the art of photography".



Latest works

My latest photo projects